“Discover How I Helped My GirlFriend Got a Bigger, Rounder & Sexier Butt And Boobs Without Surgery, Squats or Any Of Those Dangerous Pills”



Do You Want Tiny Waist & Bigger Butt..?

“Pay Attention To The Journey Where I Discovered The Amazing System That Got OmoLara (My GF) Bigger, Rounder & Plumpy Butt

No Side Effect. Faster Results!

From Olanike Green:
Beautician & Owner, GlowFleeky Ltd

Dear Friend,

In the next 15-20min and right on this page, I want to show you how I discovered an Amazing secret system that can naturally help you get a bigger, rounder, sexier and plumpy boobs and butt without squats, surgery or any of those dangerous pills and counter creams just like my girl friend, Omolara.

But just before I tell you,

Permit me to quickly tell you about the event that led to this amazing system and how Omolara has lost over three hundred thousand Naira (#300,000) to some Instagram breast and butt enlargement cream and lotion hawkers.

If there is anything that you as a woman can do to get massive attention from your partner (husband or  boyfriend) or even people around you each time you step out or post pictures online, then it would be getting a bigger, rounder and sexier breast and butt.

These two points are where Men crave hard and can die for in you as a woman.

We have seen how men worship, adore and instantly give out their total attentions to some curvy celebrities like Kim Kadashian, Beyounce, Omotola Joade, Moyo Lawah and Princess Shyngle each time they posted their pictures online.

The massive “WOW-Reactions” and the “can-you-be-mine” comments men do give out to these Queens-of-curves celebrities shows that  to get your man to worship you, you must build and have a permanent irresistible rounder and bigger butt

Can you see the above heavy and Attention-Grabbing Butts?

They Will Always Get Any’s Man Attention Without Stress or Charms…

Do you know you can have a perfect tiny waist plus rounder and bigger butt in less than 25days without squats, surgery or any of those dangerous pills?

That’s what I discovered after Omolara (my girl friend) has spent over #300k buying fake pants and skin-damaging butt lifting creams online.

Truly, looking at the aforementioned curvy celebrities, one would have believed what they are using to get such heavy and attention grabbing butts are the creams and pants some people forcing down to our throats on Instagram and Facebook pages but the truth is..

They are 100%  aware and sure that those creams and pills are liable to give you cancer of the skin..

So, they don’t use it!


What Do They Use Instead?

This is a secret I’d want you to take advantage of and keep to yourself because by the time you will have this secret system in your hand, your friends and other women will be jealous of your new  shape and butt size. It will also create “Fear-of-losing-you” into the heart of your man.

Not only that your man will have the fear of losing you, he will definitely give you all his attention and you will never have to pray hard or force him to give you anything you want. Because no man ever wants to lose a curvy woman to another man.

And to add to the benefits of this easy-to-use system, your social media will fill with “WOW-Reactions” each time you upload new pictures on your timeline.

See Live Testimonial From One Of The Numerous Classy Women That Have Tested This System…

This system has been working miraculously for women like you. And the fun part is… It is easiest and fastest way to enhance your body and get massive permanent bigger and rounder butt.

This is How I Found This Super System…

My name is Ola Green, a beautician and artist. I work in Entertainment Industry where celebrities and public figures pay huge to look good on stage in order to get attention of their fans and to get huge contracts.

In early June 2019, a movie project took me to Ghana. It was one of the projects that gave me the opportunity to meet big names and faces of Nollywood stars. During one of the morning sessions, one of the actresses featured on the movie brought out a system from her hand bag, connected it to her hip side and left the system for about 10 minutes.

When I was treating her for make up, the system was working on her butt, no noise or any sign of hurt. I was so curious to know what the system works for and trust me, I asked her.

That was when she explained to me everything about the miraculous butt and breast enlargement device that your favorite celebrities are using to build a permanent and irresistible rounder sexier butt and hourglass figure. While you believed they are using creams or butt lifting pants.

Look at the image below with your own “Koro-koro Eye”…

After our discussion, I asked her where I could get such amazing system for my girlfriend who have been spending endlessly on fake and skin-damaging butt enlargement creams?

She said the system can not been found in any store except I order for it from abroad and it will be delivered to us in Ghana before the end of the project… 🙂

Later that night, I did a video call with my babe and showed her the system, how it works and the purpose. Immediately, she fell in love with it and she make me commit (promise) that I will bring the stuff no matter the price while I am coming home. In fact, she warned me not to miss the chance of getting it for her. “..see, that’s only thing I want from you as a gift abeg”

The project took us about 35days which gave me chance to order and get the package. Well, was it (the system) worth the price and does it really work for my babe too..?

As you can see above, the system has done what creams and pants worth over three hundred thousand Naira (#300,000) could not do for my girlfriend and solved Omolara’s biggest problem just within 25days.

And to be sincere with you, men will always love women with bigger and rounder ass (butt). It has been like that since the days of our fore-fathers. You will always win when you have a body shape that commands attentions and make the heads of men to swell up anywhere.

Your husband will always find it difficult to stay away from you and therefore making it hard for him to cheating since you have everything a man wants in a woman.

See eh, this system is a life saver for you if you actually need to get a shape and butt that WOWs people each time you step out of your door.

Just like you, there are many women out there that want to have a body free of fat, well toned and a massive attention grab butt and breast but seriously tired of wasting their hard-earned money on fake butt lifting pants, pads and skin damaging breast enlargement creams…

I know what it feels to desire something with all your heart and even spend huge amount of money on it and yet do not get the desired end-results. It hurts and painful


WAIT!… Can You Imagine The Following For A Moment

That you have a body shape (tiny waist + bigger sexier butt) that completes your BEAUTY anywhere you are. No more saying no to going to beach or wearing those sexy bum shorts

That you have a Bumbum that commands attention in such a way that your man will even brag about you anywhere and makes him give you anything you want without stress because of fear of losing you

That you have a body shape that turns you to a SUPER MODEL both online and offline and you will begin charging companies and brands for adverts or Magazine models… Remember those #BBNaija “Ukwu girls”?


Let us also imagine you that you’re lucky enough today and order this new found breast and butt enlargement device today and it turns you to a complete celebrity in your street, church or group even online where you started getting convo like one of my supergal below…

Alright dear, can you stop imagine right now …

And Begin Living In The Reality…

Where you don’t have to wish for it but have the full access to the system that shape up and give you a permanent rounder and bigger sexiest breast and butt.

Now, permit me to Introduce to you the Miraculous Butt Enlargement device...

An Easy To Use, Fun and Permanent Result Oriented
Butt Enlargement 2-in-1 Solution Device

“I gave this system 5 stars review for its faster results. It’s far better than creams and pants. I will encourage people like me to get it immediately. It works!”

Chichi, Agungi, Lekki


Unlike many creams and pants that you have wasted money on, GF Breast and Butt enlargement device is designed to give you a permanent enlarged butt with well toned sexy body. All 100% Natural.

This device is also known as “Butt or Hip Trainer”.

It is scientifically and clinically formulated for safe and fast butt enlargement with 100% permanent result guaranteed and with no side effects. It enhances and increase the size of your gluteal muscles (gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks) and naturally make it bigger and rounder to give you the perfect shape.

Enjoy A Ridiculous 70% Discount + Free Shipping
and Get Free Butt Enlargement Oil Now

If you Order Right Now

Like I earlier said, the major mistake most women make when it comes to building a perfect figure 8 shape is to believe using pills and injections will give them permanent result..


You can’t achieve  a permanent result using those things. You are only risking your life of cancer and some underneath health issues.

For a moment, I want you to think about this…

Each time you log in to instagram or Facebook and you look at the pictures of those actresses with big curves and shapes that wowed you even as a woman, what comes to your mind is “this is the type of body figure I want to have”. Isn’t it?

But one thing you never thought of is, can pills or injections give them enviable permanent curvy back side without any side effects

Just at look the curve… “Omalicha, Omo – glitters”

See,by the time you will be done with this GF butt enlargement device and the butt
enlargement oil that comes free with it, your body shape and figure will be tantalizing and you will look so smart and sexy that even your friends and other people will be envy of your shape and figure.

And the best part of it is that, our butt enlargement stimulator is not hard to use and does not require you do any of those stressful exercises… In fact, lemme show you..

How To Use GF Butt Enlargement Stimulator

To achieve faster and permanent result with this device, kindly follow the steps narrated in the image below.. it is easy and fun.

Also, there is a video manual (MP4 format – which can be played on phone, dvd and laptop) that comes along with the device pack and it is absolutely Free for you. If you order this package right now

GF Hip Trainer and Butt Enlargement is designed to workout your buttock tissues and enlarged them naturally without any side effects. It improves the blood circulation in your hip area to give you a plumpy rounder and bigger butt.

How GF Butt Enlargement Works

Multiple Modes & Intensity Levels – GF healthy exercise technology adopt bionic micro-current, designed 6 modes with 10 intensity levels. You can choose the suitable comfortable mode and intensity level for yourself. Mode number 3 gave Omolara and some of my buyers  the best and desired results

Hip Lifting/Shaping/Firm/Beautify – It uses advanced technology to shape your hip line effectively, help you tone, tighten and firm your hips, release pressure and lift hip muscle.

Burn Fat & Reduce Excess Weight – This smart butt enhancer sends impulses to your body to burn fat and remove excess weight in your body.It gives you the freedom to work your muscles while you do other activities. Gain a better figure with the ultimate hip stimulator, legs and fat burner instead of workouts or body exercises that consume your time.

Enjoy A FREE 70% + Free Delivery Today

As you can see, it is  a very straight forward thing. Open your pack and connect the controller with the hip pad then attach the whole system to your hip side. No stress!

You will achieve all what I’ve said above (Well toned body and Attention Grabbing Butt). No exaggeration!

Just measure (take pictures of) your Before and After because we are going to be calling you or chat with you on WHATSAPP to know your progress. Don’t blame us for this, we always make sure our customers are really getting value for their money. In fact, I will be the one calling you to know how far about the system, your feedback and every every.. You know na..!

You Know What…?

In September 2019 when we first launched this 2-in-1 butt enlargement kit, some lucky women like you bought all the pieces (about 15 pieces) at a time fee of #125,000 per piece and we asked them to please give us the chances of using their testimonies on our page to tell other people that we are 100% legit and our product works.

Below Are WOW Screenshots of Various Testimonies from The Product Users Across the Country!

Mrs. Osagie Benin city,

From Yetunde, Otta

Zara, VI

Nancy Festac, Lagos

Mr. Gbenga, IB

Omowunmi, Ibadan

Betty, Lagos preferred to send her 2wks results…

What more do you want me to say or show you before you know this system truly work? And as you can see in those testimonials, none of the users is squeezing face or complaining either about the product itself or our customer care service; instead they are all sending Praises and Prayers..

And did I even tell you they all paid One hundred and twenty-five thousand naira (#125,000) per piece but here today… you won’t even pay 50% of what they paid.

Instead, you will be going home with a whooping 70% discount plus free delivery.

Oh WAIT O..!

Did I ever mention I am going to give you a well formulated Herbal Breast and Butt Enlargement Oil to make you get super faster results… all FOR FREE..?

Oh Yea! I will.

And I am not mad because I know some people might be thinking that. I am only adding this super fast action butt enlargement oil to this package because of YOU only. You’re beautiful and I want to complete that beauty so that you will go out like a Queen and your man will find it hard to even joke with your matter let alone cheating on you.

GF Butt Enlargement Oil

This effective butt Enlargement oil works hands-in-hands with GF butt enlargement stimulator to increase the size of your gluteal muscles (gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks) naturally make it bigger and rounder. They both work together to grow the glutes and give you the shape.


Our Butt Enlargement Ingredients:

Unlike other fake butt enlargement oils that full of highly dangerous chemicals that can hurt your body and even leads to cancers.  Our over 25years experiences in natural health research and production gives birth to this natural oil. Our butt enlargement oil including precious herb ingredients that will feed your butt to grow bigger,rounder and firm. The ingredients will be absorbed by your skin, meanwhile stimulate your hormones. The natural ingredients mixed (combined together) in this oil are:


-Papaya extract


-Grape Fruits and so on.

Now you have seen it with your koro-koro eyes that our oil is 100% natural and no chemicals of whatsoever is added. That’s why people like you love “ Products”.

To apply this oil, always use it after using the device so that you won’t spoil the hip pad gel. Omolara (my beautiful wifey) make that error in her first 3days of using it. Don’t mind her… She’s just pretty like you and you know how you ladies do when you get what you have been longing for.. 🙂

How To Apply GF Butt Oil

We are so much more concerns about your health and faster results, so follow the go-to steps below to apply this amazing oil.

Achieving butt enlargement success with our oil is as simple as follow the steps below:

1- Open the Cap of the bottle

2- Apply about 3-5 drops on the body (butt) part

3- Massage it thorougly and allow to stay 5-10minutes to dry completely.

4- Make sure you do this twice daily

5- Watch your butt enlarged easily using our device and oil.

For you to be sure that this oil works like wildfire with the device, below are another sets of praises from Queens like you..

And another one from my Egbeda girl…

As the saying, “seeing is believing”. For a product to have generated hundreds of quality and healthy comments like this, it means that our product is working and deliver values for our buyers across the country.

That’s it. You have all it takes now to get a brand new you without damaging your skin or waste your money on those fake things that can not give you a tangible results.

Are you ready now?

I know you are fully satisfied with this package and the Free butt enlargement oil but you still have a question …

How Much Will It Cost To Get EMS Butt Enlargement Kit  Delivered to My Doorstep?

Well, if you look at the value of what you’re getting, it completely blows away the competition!

It’s your choice.

You could spend thousands of Naira on painful, pricey surgeries, pills and injections…with no guarantee of success and high level of risk to your overall health..

Have you ever taken time to think about it… if you finally grab this most effective, result oriented natural butt enlargement kit and you were finally able to enjoy…

 Maintain good health, you keep fit and get rid of those unwanted excess B.O.DY F.A.T in your body and enjoy a youthful age and appearance again..

This simply means…With this natural and healthy system:

-You will have a perfect hourglass shape and figure.
-You will get any man’s attention easily without stress.
-You will be able to have the most wanted body shapeof your dream.

-And most especially you will be new to your husband and man.


No More Saying NO MORE!

No man will ever be able to resist or reject you again. I want you to consider the value of what you are getting. It will save you lots of time and efforts.

I have spent a huge amount of time and money when I was researching to get you everything you need PLUS my personal experience…

That is why I’m giving you Butt Enlargement 2-in-1 kit at a very discounted Price…

The Price for the Kit was N125,000

But FOR NOW JUST PAY #25,000

Wait a Minute… 


Did you say.., it is too expensive?

Oh No!

Imagine for a moment, how much you don spend on those bum pants and pills wey still never work o? Even some fake creams plenty for IG and dem dey sell for #35k, 40k and yet people no get value like this our own package.

Reason am small..?

When we launched this product last year, the ems butt enlargement alone was selling for #120,000 while the cream was also selling at #20,000 and you know what..?

People that know value were happily buying it and as you have read all their testimonies above, they all got values for their money.

But right now, I am giving you the complete device plus a whole firefly butt enlargement oil (wey shaprapra) for just #25,000 + Free shipping + Pay On Delivery + Free Delivery anywhere in Nigeria… If you miss this great offer en… hmmm, Just click the button below to order yours right away.

Don’t Miss Out!

Remember, there are only 25 pieces available right now (people are rushing this kit) and I am not sure we are going to repeat this butt enlargement kit at this price anytime soon.

Even if we repeat it, people who utilized this opportunity now would be giving their series of testimonies and getting the attention of any man would never be a problem to them and their body will be tantalizing like that of small baby…

The best time to enjoy this offer is now. Don’t leave it till tomorrow.

Oh sorry, I did not tell you that you are covered with our “100% Money Back Guaranteed”

Our First-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Promise​!

You Are Covered By Our No Super Story, 60 Days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Feel Free to Give My Unique Butt Enlargement 2-in-1 kit a trial, for good 60 Days. If it does not do exactly  what I said it will do just call me and tell me what happened, & I Will refund your money immediately. No Story, No Question Asked! 

Now I know you agree that with the values plus the money back guaranteed effect on this page,  N25,000 price on this butt enlargement kit is a perfect deal you will never see any where. And moreso, this is a solution recommended by over 2,500 happy actresses (including Kim Kadashian, Omotola Jolade and other) and high class senators’ wives… 


 All you have to do now is to click on the “I Want To Buy This Product button” below and get it delivered to your doorstep with our Free Delivery Special offer.


No Need To Fear, This Offer is 100% Real… Infact..

We Offer Pay On Delivery + Free Shipping To You We Are Legit.

You will Pay in Full when the Goods Have been brought to you face to Face by  our courier company within the next 24 – 78hours.


We Offer Nationwide Free Delivery and at no extra cost. We bring this
solution kit to your doorstep anywhere you live in Nigeria. But kindly
remember, we process orders with a COMMITMENT FEE due to some wicked people that will order and start giving us excuses like I travel thereby making us losing huge money on shipping.

PAY #25,000 ONLY NOW..

If after everything you have seen on this page, the values + guaranteed and the testimonies from the first et of users, you are still doubting this offer then I will say, you are not ready to be an irresistible woman and you do not want to have the body shape of your dream yet.

But to clear your doubts once again, below are another set of testimonies coming from women like you… Check them out..

Reselling has even started from launch.. Lolz

So far so good, this is the best package ever to achieve your dreamed shape with the attention grabbing butt… I have done all the hard work for you… Just click on the button below and ORDER YOURS NOW...

What’s Stopping You?

  • Now You Have Seen What Works for Big Society women..
  • Now You Have Seen What Can help You Get Rid of Unwanted fat and build the best shape ever without exercises or dieting 
  • Now You Have Seen a Sweet Offer That Will benefit You MASSIVELY..
  • What’s Stopping You From Taking Action What’s Stopping You For Placing An Order for the butt enlargement Kit?
  • All You Need is Just to Click The Button Below and Let’s Deliver You a Piece of the Magic to You.

Remember, if  you place an order for this organic product right now you are covered with Free delivery to your doorstep and also a 100% guarantee

You are only going to pay when you see your product at your doorstep

So what do you have to loose? 

Absolutely nothing!

So Click on the button below..

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